Marcel P.

//Marcel P.

Winston just completed the renovation of my first house. The work includes interior painting, hardwood flooring for first and second floor, tile for bathrooms, kitchen, and dining area, and new kitchen cabinet and granite countertop. Winston and three of his workers completed the job in a short period of time, and it would have been faster if the hardwood floor shipment was faster. In addition to high quality work and reasonable price, one thing that makes my experience working with Winston wonderful was the fact that he went the extra mile, beyond the job description to ensure that I have a good first impression with my first house. A few example, there was a tiny gas leak that the inspector didn’t catch, but noticed by him. He took care of that. There was a snake in my garden, and he also took care of that. He also helped me with other stuff like installing appliances, washer and dryer, new locks, and so on at no extra charge. The final bill was spot on, exactly like the agreed proposal.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the result, and I have been giving recommendation to my friends who are looking for contractor to talk to Winston. I will definitely contact him again for my next project.

Marcel P.

San Jose, CA