Sheila S.

//Sheila S.

Winston is a hidden gem of a contractor!  Winston and his team have completed 3 major projects in our home  – kitchen and 2 bathroom remodels and we have been so incredibly happy with each finished product!

There are several traits that really make this team stand apart from the rest.

1.  REASONABLE PRICING- For over 5yrs we didn’t think of remodeling because the quotes we got were so expensive, but Winston’s quote was very reasonable and he stayed true to his estimate each time.

2.  PROFESSIONALISM – Winston and his team showed up ON TIME every single day, worked diligently throughout the day, cleaned up before they left and were very respectful of our property and space.  The projects were always started and finished on time!

3.  ATTENTION TO DETAIL – The team took a lot of pride in their work – we never got the feeling that they just wanted to finish the job – they really wanted it to look amazing.   We also really valued Winston’s ideas on aesthetic details and were always happy that we incorporated them.

4.  ABOVE AND BEYOND – We increased the scope on each project and Winston always incorporated the changes happily and at very reasonable cost.  Throughout each project, Winston went the extra mile to get the job done right, from picking up materials to researching the right solution for each problem, we felt he wanted to provide true customer satisfaction.

I would highly recommend Eagle One Construction – we found Winston through web searches and his incredible reviews and we hope someone else can benefit from the same!

Sheila S.

San Jose, CA